Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Glades Has Something Mysterious In Iron Pipeline!

The Glades is back with a fresh platter of mystery, action, and thrill. Just read on to get an insight into its upcoming segment.

This time, The Glades will take us to a very famous high school, where a soccer team’s coach will be found dead under the benches. Since the murder will take place in the school premises, investigators may get several eyewitnesses.

The case seems easy to solve, but usually, in such cases, nobody comes forward to disclose the truth.

The victim wasn’t just a famous teacher, but he was more like a safety blanket for Jeff. Apart from teaching, he used to save kids from ragging, and unnecessary bullying. 


Perhaps, he became a target of some group that bullied freshers.

After deep-digging all the clues, Jim Longworth will investigate a bullied freshman. And this discussion would put him in more confusion, as he won’t be able to make out how a 15-year-old boy can get hold of a gun! Perhaps, an adult is behind the conspiracy.

Well, it is really difficult to predict anything in this case, and everything will be disclosed only when you watch The Glades season 2 episode 9 online!

To add to the mystery, Jim will come across two new suspects during the intensive rounds of interrogation. One of them sells sports merchandise, while the other one is a shady character, working at flea market. The assassin may be not aware, but he has already signed his death note by messing up with an old teacher of Jeff.