Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Glades’ Second Skin Will Be Bare Soon. C’mon, Don’t Close Your Eyes!

Most of the time, we are fascinated not by the one, who is killed, but our leaning lie more with the way he got killed! A character’s death is often talked about for a moment, unless the character is someone as large as Dr. Drake Ramoray from Friends.
Mostly, it’s the way someone died, which makes for most of the words in our conversations.
The Glades, in its upcoming segment is trying to pull off something similar. Watch The Glades season 2 episode 8 online, in which a man’s body is discovered inside a church.
Jim and the others will be in for a rude shock, when they discover the dead man, as they find him dead inside a box full of snakes. Don’t get afraid, for the snakes won’t crawl inside your house, and find a place beneath your bed.
Well, now you can act a bit fearful!
But in all cases, do catch the segment on July 31, 2011, titled as Second Skin! (Do you know what the title could be hinting at? Could it possibly refer to the dead man’s skin, which might have been peeled off by the poisonous snakes?)Well, whatever it may mean, it will surely be enthralling to see Jim trying to figure out the murderer. He has formed a list of suspects, and it had better include the person behind this heinous act, or else, there might follow few more similar murders!
The Glades has taken us on one of the best rides ever, and I just hope that the ride continues to shower the thrill, chill, and all the excitement, which it might be keeping under its sleeves.
We, as the sincerest of audiences, deserve the best, and The Glades seems like a show that has taken up the responsibility on its shoulders.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Addicted To Love The Glades Way

Drugs can make you do crazy things. And killing someone is not a distant possibility in a state of hallucination, as one is not in control of his or her senses. Though the possibility is very rare, but it is a possibility anyway.
The Glades, in its upcoming episode, will witness a death that shares some strings with drugs! A Haitian physicist lies dead on the ground, and the case is handed to Jim Longworth. He reaches the crime scene, and starts his investigations with the FDLE team.
The trail leads him to a factory where drugs are manufactured to satiate the thirst of junkies. As the clock ticks away, this murder case takes sudden turns, and many intriguing elements pop up.

The FDLE team also comes across a doctor, who has not been going by the books of law. While paying a visit to doctor’s clinic, Jim discovers that a lot is going on behind the curtains.
He discovers that addicts are being charged large amounts to gain access to medicinal drugs. On delving further, Jim discovers that there could have been a strong reason for the killing. Perhaps, stronger than he thought!
Now, the task is to find the one, who slaughtered the physicist for reasons unknown. But the question is to find if the case is related to drugs only, or are there any more sides to it?
Well, I am not sure what is going to happen, as the count of possible killers is too much to make a guess.
The segment will be telecasted on July 24, and I am eager to watch The Glades season 2 episode 7 online to see Jim in action!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Will Tomorrow Ever Come for Jim Longsworth and Callie Cargill

Life has surely not been fair to Jim Longworth. The love less life of a detective, who spends time spying around criminals and nailing them, also comes to an end with his suspension from the federal services of the state.

A man like Jim being framed for false allegations is just another day in a world where your enemies are waiting for you to commit the next mistake. Acceptance, as in the case of Jim, is pretty rare and difficult.

But even then, the detective dares to rebuild his life, only to pursue his dreams to see a crime free state. Maybe, the lack of sinister motives is what is lacking in Jim. Maybe, that is why Jim’s personal life is also riddled with problems. Somebody said it correctly that the Almighty tests one’s heart, character, and endurance to the very limits, and forces him to choose the wrong road. Only a few like Jim stay on course right till the very end.

Jim’s audacity is again put to test as he stands determined to explore his complicated, yet comforting relationship with Callie Cargill. Watch The Glades season 2 episode 6 online to find what conclusion does the couple draw about their relationship. Can Jim handle Callie’s already existing relationships, or will he take the pragmatic way out?
In this episode, we also witness Jim’s experiences in the dangerous alleys of Gibtown, known for its wild and rowdy population, amongst whom locating the suspects is a nearly impossible task.
So, all you fans of the show out there, it is time we check out Jim at work and find out what exactly is cooking in between Jim and Callie!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Glades Goes Soaring!

Glades – I don’t know what the word means, but yes the show that it represents is great!  Provided you are one of its regular viewers, you will not refute my view about it.

This show is a police drama! It is creating quite a buzz, and realizing that I had to move (trust me that was an effort) and gather some news on it. And this is what I came across!

It is in its season 2, and is about to air its fifth episode!
 In this episode, you would get to see a man getting beaten to death at a truck stop. Woho, and if you think that this is all, then I have got many more surprises for you!

It will also show Carlos trying to help a former colleague. Now this ain’t any ordinary colleague! This is the ‘relationship-y’ colleague.

Can you crack the meaning of ‘relationship-y colleague?’

If yes, then you are a real genius. If not, then let me leave that as a guess-work for you and build your anticipation for the forthcoming episode.

Watch The Glades season 2 episode 5 online after it airs (how could I miss saying this) and witness an amazing turn of events, and experience an ‘experience of a lifetime’.  

You will not want to miss this one, for it is promising to offer nothing but spiced-up moments. Seek full on entertainment from the latest installment of The Glades and stay excited!