Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Glades Goes Soaring!

Glades – I don’t know what the word means, but yes the show that it represents is great!  Provided you are one of its regular viewers, you will not refute my view about it.

This show is a police drama! It is creating quite a buzz, and realizing that I had to move (trust me that was an effort) and gather some news on it. And this is what I came across!

It is in its season 2, and is about to air its fifth episode!
 In this episode, you would get to see a man getting beaten to death at a truck stop. Woho, and if you think that this is all, then I have got many more surprises for you!

It will also show Carlos trying to help a former colleague. Now this ain’t any ordinary colleague! This is the ‘relationship-y’ colleague.

Can you crack the meaning of ‘relationship-y colleague?’

If yes, then you are a real genius. If not, then let me leave that as a guess-work for you and build your anticipation for the forthcoming episode.

Watch The Glades season 2 episode 5 online after it airs (how could I miss saying this) and witness an amazing turn of events, and experience an ‘experience of a lifetime’.  

You will not want to miss this one, for it is promising to offer nothing but spiced-up moments. Seek full on entertainment from the latest installment of The Glades and stay excited!

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