Friday, 24 June 2011

Jim Unveils NASCAR Mechanic’s Murder Mystery!

I would advise The Glades viewers to fasten their seat belts because a crime and action packed installment lies in waiting for them!

This time the team of investigators will be handling the case of a mechanic who belongs to the NASCAR association. After getting the reports of a stolen car and a mechanic’s dead body, the investigators will go on a mission to hunt down the killer.
Without making further delay, Jim reaches at the department of National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. Here, he investigates all the prime suspects in order to arrive at a conclusion.

The case seems quite interesting from the outside, but it will be really difficult for the investigators to unlock all the mysteries. Watch The Glades season 2 episode 4 online after it airs, to catch all the mystery-filled sequences over and over again.

Furthermore, Ray will be attacked badly in front of Jeff.  Since Callie is the only eye-witness, so it is the duty of Jeff to save her from all kinds of dangers.

Before Jeff, Ray was ensuring the safety of the girl. It seems that she will be sent to the Witness Protection Department to keep her away from any impending danger.

Jim can go to any extent to gather all the clues associated with the case. In his search for truth and justice, he can even dig the graves of the killers!

Since the case is completely in the hands of Jim, so he will go head to head with all the drivers and heads of NASCAR to find the man responsible for the chaos.

Above all this, some of the top NASCAR drivers will be coming as guest stars! These include Brian Vickers, Joey Logano, Carl Edwards, and Tony Stewart. So, check out this star-studded segment to catch the cameos of the renowned drivers. 

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