Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Addicted To Love The Glades Way

Drugs can make you do crazy things. And killing someone is not a distant possibility in a state of hallucination, as one is not in control of his or her senses. Though the possibility is very rare, but it is a possibility anyway.
The Glades, in its upcoming episode, will witness a death that shares some strings with drugs! A Haitian physicist lies dead on the ground, and the case is handed to Jim Longworth. He reaches the crime scene, and starts his investigations with the FDLE team.
The trail leads him to a factory where drugs are manufactured to satiate the thirst of junkies. As the clock ticks away, this murder case takes sudden turns, and many intriguing elements pop up.

The FDLE team also comes across a doctor, who has not been going by the books of law. While paying a visit to doctor’s clinic, Jim discovers that a lot is going on behind the curtains.
He discovers that addicts are being charged large amounts to gain access to medicinal drugs. On delving further, Jim discovers that there could have been a strong reason for the killing. Perhaps, stronger than he thought!
Now, the task is to find the one, who slaughtered the physicist for reasons unknown. But the question is to find if the case is related to drugs only, or are there any more sides to it?
Well, I am not sure what is going to happen, as the count of possible killers is too much to make a guess.
The segment will be telecasted on July 24, and I am eager to watch The Glades season 2 episode 7 online to see Jim in action!

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